Domain Name Services

Personalise your website address with the name of your business, product or service.

What is a Domain Name?


Domain names provide your business with a 'presence' on the Internet, both establishing and protecting your brand.


An example of a domain name is or


Once you've registered your business name on ASIC it's a great idea to secure your domain name so poachers cannot buy it and sell it back to you for a premium price.


This also enables you to create domain specific email accounts, rather than an @gmail or @ bigpond email. Domain specific emails project a professional look for your business.

How long does it last?


In most cases, domain names will be registered for 2 years, depending on the extension (.com,, etc.). Renewal of your domain name is available.


There are several options when purchasing your own domain name, such as the extension, name servers, matching email accounts and more.

Where to buy a domain?

Sam's Websites can purchase, register, connect and manage your domain name through


Alternatively, a simple search for 'domain names' will allow you to purchase your own domain name and setup the name servers so they connect with your web hosting provider.

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