Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on Social Media these days, which means, your business should be as well!

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What is Social Media Marketing?


Social Media Marketing is a strategy that uses online marketing techniques from social media websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.


Most people and a fast-growing number of businesses have a social media page on social media platforms.

LinkedIn Integration

LinkedIn is a powerful social media tool for both businesses and business minded persons. Sam's Websites link your LinkedIn social media account with your business website to create your own account network.


LinkedIn Integration is another valuable tool in your belt when it comes to social media marketing.



Facebook for Business

Facebook has over 2.27 billion active monthly users, so you can imagine the potential audience for your business.


Facebook for Business has several social media marketing strategies to help businesses expand their online footprint.

Social Media

Marketing Strategy

Firstly, Sam's Websites uses your business social media page links to integrate your social media page to your business website.


This creates a professional outlook of your business, and provides other people and businesses with more opportunities to Connect and Contact. It also helps to improve your search engine ranking.



Google My Business


We all want to be the number 1 rank on a Google Search. Just as important, and at times, more so, is the effective use of a Google My Business page.


Sam's Websites include setup and integration of your Google My Business page to your business website design. This helps to improve your search engine ranking.