Website FAQ's

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How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website is more of an investment than a cost and there are many factors to a successful website. Let's break it down into 3 main categories of Strategy, Traffic and Conversion. Strategy This is where we do some research. We look at your competiton's websites, and find out what they are and are not doing. We look at online marketing options such as social media, Adwords and other possible marketing avenues. Legitimate research will cost around $700+. Traffic We then look at popular keywords and phrases that your audience would search. This helps us determine how your content is written as well as provide crucial information for Search Engine Optimisation. Any sort of effective SEO will cost $1000+. Conversion Now, we put it all together. Special thought goes into the design, functionality and written content. This is your shop front, what people see! We work through mockup designs with the Client to determine call-to-actions and general layout of the website. Generally, this conversion/design period is charged at an hourly rate

Does my website need to be found on Google?

No, it doesnt. There are several options for publishing your website online. The first is to simply connect a domain name. This is commonly done by businesses that do not require SEO, and have no need to be found on search engines. The second option is to submit your connected domain name (or URL) to search engines such as Google, who will then index your page according to your content. The level of SEO will then determine your indexing power.

Will my website design work on mobile devices?

Yes. All of the websites we develop are tested and compatible on all available devices and browsers, making them mobile friendly. If you would like a mobile website, designed for better mobile browsing experience, please let us know during the website design process.